Warrior Professional Foosball Table Review

warrior professional foosball table review

The Warrior Professional Foosball Table is a superior foosball table designed for professional players and amateurs alike.

It comes with everything you need to play a great foosball game including professional level features.

To begin with, Warrior Professional Foosball Table is designed to look great with its classic black color and chrome rods. With a weight of approximately 200 lbs, it is stable and durable.  The weight keeps the table firmly locked into place ensuring consistent game play.

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General Gameplay Info

The table is designed according to international standards with one goalie and 11 men per team. The hand-grips are incredibly comfortable with very little slippage on them. The legs, on the other hand, are built for durability and can withstand even the most intense foosball games. Also, Warrior is one of the safest tables for young kids. This is the benefit of having custom rod guards removing the risk of potentially severe injuries.

The Warrior Professional Foosball Table is a perfect combination of high quality and affordability. Compared to other tables at this price range, the quality is top notch. Lastly, this is the only table for under $600 certified by ITSF & USTSF player organizations. Although not approved for ITSF World Championship Tournaments – those tables run in the $1,000+ range, Warrior Foosball has a large number of professional tournaments year round.

Why should you buy the Warrior Professional foosball table?

The Warrior Table is built to satisfy the needs of both advanced and novice players looking for a foosball table for home or workplace gaming. The fact that manufacturers of this table produce only one type of table means that all their energy is dedicated to offering a first-rate table. The focus is what leads to top-notch quality from the Warrior Professional.

Who should buy it?

Serious players or anyone seeking a quality table. It is simply one of the best foosball tables I have played on. The layout and materials used are well thought out. Expect a professional-grade experience the moment the ball enters the playing field.

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Why choose an ISTF & USTSF Certified table?

Unlike some other sports equipment like baseball bats and basketball shoes that mainstream media are familiar with, foosball brands don’t receive the same amount of attention. For that reason, you can get a lot of misinformation about products. If Nike were to release a shoe for their regular price, while cutting on all the quality standards they are known for, there would be a public uproar. The same just isn’t true for foosball tables, and this is why it’s important to stick with trusted brands in the industry–especially if you are relatively new to the scene.

The most trusted associations for Table Football, globally and in the United States, are the ISTF & the USTSF. Both of these associations list standards for playing rules, regulations and table requirement for professional play. When a table meets both of these certifications, you can be sure that you are getting what you’ve paid for. The Warrior Professional Foosball Table is a perfect example, and it’s also one of the most affordable tables to meet these qualifications.

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The Good:

  • Durability
    Despite being fairly priced compared to other high-end tables on the market, the Warrior foosball table is built to last. The table is made from MDF wood with a laminate surface. Unlike standard wood, MDF offers a decent amount of durability which means you need not worry about warping, especially if you come from areas of high heat and humidity. The cabinet itself is constructed from a thick MDF material to offer more durability and stability than standard wood. The laminate surface, on the other hand, is almost scratch and mark proof. Therefore, this is an ideal table that you will be enjoying for many years to come.
  • Counter-balanced men
    This is another professional level feature that you will appreciate. The Warrior foosball table utilizes the counter-balanced men that move smoothly across the playfield. In addition, the men have rigid feet which provide better gripping on the foosball making it really great to play with them. The playing field on the hand provides a perfect surface for smooth play. Furthermore, the high degree of fluidity in the motion enables for fast-paced and highly-controlled game play. You will definitely love how smooth the game play is on this Warrior foosball table, especially if you are a regular player.
  • Better grip
    The metal rods are virtually unbendable, and the grips are comfortable enough to provide excellent hand holds.  The rods are equipped with flanges which help to prevent the grips from directly hitting the table hence protecting the rods from damaging the body of the table. This is particularly an essential feature for new players learning how to handle the rods. Aside from the rods, the inner walls of the playing surface are constructed from a white laminate which provides better responsiveness.
  • Better Control
    The Warrior Professional Foosball table is built to offer great ball control. The playing field is made of a green PVC laminate that provides a smooth playing surface while the inner walls are constructed using a white laminate which provides better responsiveness. The urethane material used to build the foosball also gives the balls much better grip and as such, it greatly enhances ball control. When using this table, you will notice that the ball “grips” the playing surface incredibly well which really helps when controlling the players. With a much better ball control, the Warrior Professional Foosball table indeed gives the player the opportunity to perform those skill shots that would otherwise not be possible when playing on a lower quality table.
  • Adjustable and sturdy legs
    The adjustable leg levelers provide additional stability and ensure an even playing field. Wherever you choose to place the table, even on uneven floors, you can adjust the legs to get an even playing field and still maintain a good grip on the floor surface. The Warrior table is also equipped with some special rubber feet to allow for extra traction on different surfaces. Therefore, you can expect very little slipping out during game play. In addition, the sturdy legs hold the table firmly in place to ensure that it can withstands heavy use or fast game play.
  • Easy to assemble
    While most foosball tables often come with unclear instructions that make it difficult to put them together, the Warrior table is impressively quick and easy to assemble. The table comes with detailed instructions, and the only thing you need to do is to follow the directions and within twenty to thirty minutes, the whole assembly process is complete. The table is basically built to facilitate quick assembling and rods are easily attached to the table without much fuss. If you run into problems, you can always refer to the instructional video available on YouTube and the official website of the manufacturer.
  • Safety features
    One of the major safety concerns about foosball tables is jutting rods which might cause injury to players or anyone passing by the table. However, the Warrior table has this covered very well. It comes with a unique system of rod guards that protects the players from jugging themselves with the rods. This custom rod guard also protects the table from any damages.  This is one of the features that sets the Warrior Professional Table apart from the other tables making it one of the safest foosball tables in the industry.

The Bad:

  • Tacky balls
    There is no doubt that the Warrior table offers great playability. However, the ball plays slow and frequently gets stuck in the corners’ dead zones. The table is absolutely made for easier and greater ball handling and as much as the tacky ball is easier to control, professional players who prefer a faster ball may find this feature a turn-off. I suggest buying additional balls to those that come with the table, shouldn’t set you back to much. Update: the manufacturer is in process to moving to slightly harder balls, hopefully Warrior reaches the perfect mix (stay tuned for further updates on this).
  • Not 100% even/stable
    Although in “The Good” section I mentioned that the Warrior has adjustable and sturdy legs, it still has some dead spots even when you level it well. The adjustable feet are not that robust and could use some improvements. There is an available stability upgrade which solves this issue. The addition adds about 60 pounds to the Warrior Professional Foosball Table. This is a significant upgrade and highly recommended for professional players. You just snap on the added stability package to the bottom of the table. With the addition, the Warrior Professional weighs close to the Tornado Tournament 3000, improving stability. Professional players will feel the difference.
  • Poor ball return system – UPDATE: Manufacturer has resolved this issue in mid-2016 by using higher quality plastic in the ball return system.

    The ball return system is pathetic, to say the least. The overall quality is good, but the ball return tubes are made from a very fragile plastic and they don’t work well at all. Once you put the table together and use it for some time the return tubes start to fall out onto the floor. The balls at the hand tend to get stuck in the tubes. So, you may end up taking the tubes off and just let the balls fall to the floor after each score. However, Warrior has recently fixed this problem with their new version. UPDATE: The manufacturer has upgraded the ball return system from mid-2016. Warrior Professional has changed the plastic type. Now a rigid plastic (colorful) is used with the ball catch and the goalie box. This has solved the problem. When buying make sure to ask if the model has the upgraded ball return system. TIP Simply check for colorful plastic in the ball return system.

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Features and Specifications:
  • Game Level: Recreational and Competitive Play
  • Ages: (12+)
  • Foosball Table Style: American
  • Ball Bounce: None
  • Ball control: Great
  • Dead Zones: Sometimes Occurs
  • Arm Rotation: Smooth
  • Playing Surface Material: Laminate
  • Drop Ramp: None
  • Weight: 195 pounds
  • Dimensions: 56 X 30 X 36 inches
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Approximate Lifespan: 5 years
  • Made in: USA
  • Materials: Manufacture wood, Steel, Plastic, Laminate
  • Rods: Chrome Plated
  • Features: Adjustable leg levelers, Three man goalie defense style, single side ball return system, thinner inner bearing design, 10 beaded abacus style scoring, 2 foosballs


Overall, the Warrior Professional Foosball table is definitely the best professional-level table at a highly-competitive price. Although it may be a little bit slow, it is safe, durable and still plays smoothly with the same quality as any other high-end table. So, whether you are looking for a table for the family room or for the workplace, the Warrior Professional Foosball table is a good choice.

The Warrior Professional Foosball Table can be found at the manufacturer’s website and amazon.

See customer reviews on Amazon

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