Cutest SUP dogs (Ultimate Roundup – Ranked!)

Everyone loves scrolling through the SUP dogs of instagram. When they combine their social media stardom with awesome water sports, these laid back pooches take cool to a whole new level.

From sunbathing dogs in sunglasses to those who love getting active, we’ve ranked the best SUP dogs on the internet. Send us your SUP dog pictures and they might even make it onto our list!

#1 Our gold award for the best SUP dog on the internet has to go to one of the most active, adventurous surf dogs we’ve ever seen. This surfer clearly loves the feel of the sea breeze in his face while catching some waves – and so does his human, too!

Fun little wave on the Gold Coast by @supdogoz #suppup #supwithpup #supdog

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#2 Taking pride of place at the front of the board, this little pup clearly loves taking in all its adventures. We feel you, Kiwi.

#3 Kitted out in a smart red lifejacket, this guy is ready for a day on the water. With his wide stance and low center of gravity, he’s got this SUP dog technique sorted.

#4 Sporting a color coordinated outfit and a peak cap to keep the sun from his eyes, this is one cool dude. If only we looked this good when out on the river!

#5 In this shot, we’re being outdone by a SUP dog that can ride a SUP board alone – only needing some human help for a selfie with its fans!

#6 Taking a chilled glide through some picturesque Scottish scenery, this dog shows that SUP boards can be enjoyed on so much more than just the sunny Californian surf.

Love taking our dog out for a #sup #supscotland #suppup #supdog #scotland

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#7 Isn’t this the face of pure contentment? With a stunning location and bright blue skies, this chihuahua has us feeling more than a little envious.

#8 We’ve seen dogs in sunglasses before, but this SUP pup takes canine eyewear to a whole new level. Wearing a super stylish pair of doggy goggles, let’s hope it’s not a sign that this cutie will be landing in the water.

#9 Surely the best part of SUP river cruising is spending time with your favorite humans? This guy seems to think so, having perfected the perfect selfie pose.

#10 This pampered pooch is doing life right. Pictured with some human arm candy and a blue sky reflected in a crystal clear pool, it doesn’t get much better than this.

#11 The gentle lighting and the expansive lake in this photo show off the sheer tranquillity of stand up paddle boarding. It’s no wonder that this dog clearly loves to be the captain of its board.

#12 Check out that grin! Looking pretty in pink, this pretty pup has mastered the art of SUPing in style.

#13 With the sunglasses and the lifestyle to rival the celebs, this poodle’s perfect instapose rivals the best of them.

#14 Known for being active and energetic, we’ve found this video of two wetsuit-clad collies catching the surf with their human. As if SUP surfing with one dog wasn’t challenging enough!

Please submit your SUP dog videos/pics and we will shall include the cute ones!

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