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STIGA Pro Carbon Ping Pong Paddle Review

With the STIGA Pro Carbon, speed is everything.

This table tennis racket lets you hit balls fast, giving good control while putting on an amazing level of spin. It wears out disappointingly soon, but considering that it’s the middle of the road in terms of price, its impressive performance has to make this racket our top pick.

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We’ve been seriously impressed with the performance of the STIGA Pro Carbon table tennis racket. The designers have used specialist nano composite and crystal technology to make the blade super hard, giving incredible speed. The performance ratings are very high (see the tech specs for more details), making this paddle perfect if your skill level sits between beginner and intermediate level. We didn’t think it quite delivered the spin level of 100 which is promised, but beginners will still find that it can put down some impressive spins.

In terms of balance, the weight sits a little forward, more towards the blade than the handle. This is due to the fact that the paddle is made of balsa wood which is extremely lightweight while still being strong and sturdy. This lightweight and balance make the STIGA Pro Carbon racket easy to handle, which you’ll really notice if you’re moving up from cheap, basic, hobby rackets. It will probably take some practice to adjust to this new weight balance, but once you realize the slams that this racket can pull off, you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried a heavier bladed paddle before.

In fact, having the weight sitting in the blade rather than in the handle means that when the blade comes into contact with the ball, there’s some extra weight to put behind your returning shot. In other words, you can hit the ball hard.

The rubber feels quite sticky, perfect for learning to control the ball. With the right care, this tackiness can last for months, meaning that as long as the rubber lasts, the level of control never drops.

At 2mm the rubber is quite thick, so it does feel quite cushioned and springy. While a professional level player might find this frustrating, we found that it forced us to rein in our return shots so that they didn’t run so long.

However, we were disappointed by the speed at which this paddle wore out – especially for the price. With everyday use, we found that it only lasted a few months before needing repairs or replacement. Luckily, you can prolong the life of the paddle by replacing the rubber if necessary (which is suitable for tournament play as it’s ITTF approved).

Nevertheless, we would highly recommend the STIGA Pro Carbon table tennis racket for beginner to intermediate players. This is a paddle which will let you play with speed and control.

The handle sits in the palm comfortably, which is important if you intend to put in hours of practice on a regular basis. The handle has been designed to feature a small dip, so you really feel the placement and power of each shot. This is a fantastic tool for beginners and intermediates as it allows you to identify how you play each shot and whether it’s effective or not.

The design of the blade features two layers of carbon which have a big impact on performance. The hardened blade definitely makes this a paddle for offensive play, letting you carefully place some hard shots with plenty of power. The paddle is really responsive, helping you to up your skill level and perfect your technique quickly, which is exactly what we expected from a big table tennis brand name like Stiga.

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The Good

  • Very fast with excellent spin control
  • Special technology gives a hard blade for increased speed
  • High performance ratings
  • ITTF approved rubber can be replaced
  • Well respected brand

The Bad

  • Weight balance sits more towards the blade than the handle
  • Only withstands a few months of everyday use
Features & Specs
  • Speed rating: 99
  • Spin rating: 100
  • Control rating: 80
  • Rubber: 2 millimeter thick premium rubber; ITTF approved
  • Grip: Shakehand

The STIGA Pro Carbon Ping Pong Paddle can be found on Amazon

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