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Fringe Pursuits 2018 Athletic Scholarship

The Fringe Pursuits Group is happy to announce our annual Athletic scholarship. Please see the eligibility and submission requirements below.

How to Apply?

If interested in applying for this Scholarship Athletic Scholarship, please send the following to [email protected]:

  1. A brief cover letter that includes your full name, your current school of study or where you plan to study, your main field of study, and other relevant personal information like a website that demonstrates your athletic or academic abilities.
  2. To receive the scholarship fund, should you win, please ensure that you include a valid physical mailing address with your application.
  3. Proof of enrollment (letter of enrollment from your university, college or training program, student ID, registration information, or other forms of proof)

An essay of 1,000 words or less on one of the following topic:

How have I overcome my athletic challenges through education?

How have athletics and sports driven my academic achievements?

A few things to consider when writing the essay:
– Was there a time when you didn’t play sports that you can demonstrate a change in the educational experience?
– Are there any “on the field” lessons that you’ve used to translate into “in the class” tactics?
– How has classwork enhanced your athletic experience?

The best application will receive our $1,000 scholarship.

Who is this Scholarship For?

The Fringe Pursuits Athletic Scholarship is for students who excel at sports and while maintain a proven academic track record. This scholarship is our way to give back to our readers, their families, and our community. While our website focuses on a community of sports athletes and enthusiasts we know that education and training programs are a way to strengthen communities, achieve our goals, and improve the world for all of us.

More importantly, we know that sports and outdoor activities are not only physically demanding but also mentally demanding. Over the last decade, the world has seen just how much commitment and mental power is involved in high-level competitive sports.

It is because we know that a good education involves physical fitness as well, we want to support our students (high school, undergraduate, or postgraduate) on their road to pursuing their goals.

Being a student-athlete is difficult. In addition to working hard to be at the top of your game physically, you are also working to rise to the head of the class mentally. We at FringePursuits.com have made it our goal to help a student-athlete succeed in all their goals with the help of $1,000 from us to make their pursuits easier to attain.

We know you like a challenge.

We do too, sports are our obsession but, we want to help to ease the challenge of funding your elevation to next level.

Who Can Apply?

The Fringe Pursuits Athletic Scholarship provides a $1,000 award to a student with strong academic potential with a commitment to athletics. High school, undergraduate, and postgraduate students with a history of commitment to athletics are welcome to apply.

Athletes who can show commitment to any athletic fields related to or similar to varsity sports (Baseball, Basketball, Softball, Cross-country Running, Football, Soccer, Golf, Swimming, Diving, Tennis, Track and Field, Volleyball or others not mentioned) are all welcome to apply

The athletic scholarship does not have minimum requirements. Students may pursue any field of study and we do not limit them to programs of study related to athletics. We do require students to show strong levels of academic potential in addition to demonstrating their commitment to athletics during their time as a student.

How Applications are Evaluated

We are looking for applications that show a well-rounded student-athlete. The essay should highlight your creativity, clarity, research skills, and bring forth your story. We want students that are committed to their fields and have put in the time to excel. It should be devoid of spelling and grammar mistakes.
Overall, we would like the writing to be compelling and informative.

We may include our winning applicant on our website and publications for publicity purposes. Please note that by applying you give us permission to use content and information for marketing and promotional purposes.


To keep a high level of competition for the athletic scholarship, we will not accept any applications after Dec. 1, 2018.

We will announce the winner of the scholarship Dec. 15, 2018. We will send the award check to the winner December 22, 2018.

Please remember to include your physical mailing address with your application. We will send out the $1,000 scholarship check to the winner by mail. Applicants without a physical mailing address will be unable to receive an award.

FringePursuits.com offers this scholarship program annually. Students who have not won in previous years are welcome to apply again if they are following the application criteria.

Good luck and happy sporting!

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