RIP IT Baseball Bat (BBCOR)

The Rip-It 2014 is my number one pick.

An end-loaded, sweet-popping alloy piece of machinery that is approved for even the highest level of college competition.

I particularly like the model’s focus on its strength (power hitting) while covering its bases with the practical contact grip for less sting. An all-around quality bat from the Rip-It crew.

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The Rip-It 2014 is a standout of the category. Not only is it kind on your wallet – it will be kind to your game and style. This is also the only BBCOR baseball bat in the category approved for high school and college athletes. One resounding advantage of the Rip-It 2014 Prototype is its fantastic pop. Many have said that it gives the same popping feel as a $300-400 bat.

This is due to its Acoustic Barrel technology. Specifically made to achieve a clean pop—and pop it does.

The technology of the material used for the barrel also means that the bat is slightly end-loaded. For a lightweight bat, this could be an uncomfortable distribution. However, considering the drop 3 weight and larger barrel diameter, the end-loaded quality of this equipment fits appropriately.

The Rip-It Prototype has also taken the single-piece sting effect into consideration. And while its added contact grip is not able to relieve all of the sting from your hands, it does a great deal. Yet another reason that this bat stands above the competition in this category.

Who Should Buy?

Senior league players looking for a well-priced bat with a big barrel. The Easton SL17MK10B is not, however, BBCOR certified and thus cannot appear on high school or NCAA playing fields.

The Good

  • Sweet Spot
  • BBCOR, high school and NCAA certified
  • Acoustic Barrel technology
  • Contact grip for less vibration
  • End-loaded for power hitters
  • Durable alloy material

The Bad

  • More sting than composite bats
  • White handle becomes dirty quite quickly

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Features & Specs
  • Material: One Piece Alloy
  • Barrel Width: 2 5/8”
  • Drop Weight: -3
  • BBCOR certified: Yes
  • Handle: Contact Grip (eliminates vibration)
  • Special Features: Acoustic barrel

The RIP IT baseball bat can be found on Amazon

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