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Best Replacement Foosball Men Players & Sets

Foosball Men Comparison, Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Foosball men play a pretty big role in a foosball game. When they break or crack, the game can be quite frustrating, even when it’s just a single broken man. Therefore, for your own piece of mind, you should consider getting some replacement foosball men. However, it can be a bit tricky when it comes to selecting the best foosball players due to the different types available on the market.

To help you in your decision, I prepared a side-by-side comparison of some of the most common choices for replacement foosball men. Also, included are reviews of the foosball men styles that I believe stand out from the rest.

  NameFoot StyleOverall Rating 
Tornado Foosball MenCrosshatched with pointed toes5.0/5Check Price

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Robotic Style Foosball MenCrosshatched with pointed toes4.5/5Check Price

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Black and White Style Foosball MenNarrow4.0/5Check Price

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I also put together a buyers guide to simplify what matters when choosing:

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#1 Best Overall – Tornado Foosball Men

Tornado foosball men

First and foremost, the tornado foosball men have the best foot design amongst our top 3 picks. The men have pointed toe with cross-hatching design on the foot. These two features are extremely important when it comes to playing a foosball game at an advanced level. Playing with these men you get to realize how easy it is to catch, pass or shoot the ball.

The groovy pattern on the feet gives the men far much greater grip on the ball and thereby, you get excellent control of the ball during play. On the other hand, their pointed toe provides the perfect sharp edge for shooting advanced shots. You can definitely make a crisp back shot with a tornado man.

Another great feature that puts these figures on top of our list is the counter-balance. The men are well counter weighted and as such, they remain in a horizontal position once they are released. They don’t get in your way when you are trying to get a good shot to score against your opposing team. I actually enjoyed a more open game with these figures. Counter balanced men is a must for a proper competitive match.

Now, most importantly these players should fit your table well. They are designed to fit the standard 5/8” foosball rods and are made from quality sturdy plastic that can withstand long rough game play.

The only problem I had with the tornado men is that it was a real bummer when replacing them. I tried to replace some few men from my table with these tornado style men but removing the roll pins was a hustle.

In conclusion, the tornado foosball men have what I was looking for in terms of features. From the pointed, cross-hatched foot to counter-balance, Tornado style men are the foosball figures for serious foosball players. They are top quality and look even better than the original pieces.
Like I mentioned earlier, installing these men might be cumbersome. Ensure you get the pin punch in addition to the men and roll pins. You will also need a hammer. With the pin punch, it is easy to pound out the older pins and also to pound in the new roll pins. If you have all these tools in place, then securing these figures on the rod shouldn’t be hard.

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#2 – Robotic Style Foosball Men

Robot style foosball men

The Robotic style foosball men are a great combination of cost and quality, and as such they offer best value for money. These men are made from quality plastic that is sturdy yet still provides a good spring effect. Their feet are crosshatched and symmetrical with fine pointed toes. Therefore, like the tornado style men, these too offer great grip and excellent control during a foosball game.

The symmetrical design of their feet allows you to mount the men in either direction while the pointed toes are ideal for making advanced shots. I noticed that the sturdy and springy nature of the plastic material gave more power in shots. I can definitely say that these robotic men are made for performance and great control.

Aside from these, the men have standard height and can fit any table with the standard 5/8” sized foosball rods.
However, the big downside is that they are not counterbalanced. This is a big minus when playing one on one game since the men will wiggle and block shots. Inserting set screws in them will make them somewhat counterbalanced, but not at the level that is needed for competitive play.

Overall, these robotic style foosball men are top quality replacements but probably not a good choice if you’re looking to hold some competitive level games.

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#3 Best Budget – Black and White Style Foosball Men


If you on a tight budget and you are looking for a quick replacement then you might consider the black and white style foosball men. They are not high end figures but they still offer a good game play. The pieces are made from hard plastic and as such, they can last long before breaking down. What I like about them is the fact that they are counterbalanced. This is a great feature for playing competitive games where the men don’t block the path thereby allowing you to make clear shots.

The foot design is not pointed like the tornado style or the robotic style men, but it’s slightly narrow and symmetrical, meaning ball control won’t be at its best. The plus is that they can also fit very well on any table with standard 5/8” rods.

The most major problem with these men is the lack of cross hatching foot design, an essential feature when it comes to ball control. Nevertheless, these black and white style foosball men are good product for anyone looking for old style foosball men at a great price.

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Buyer’s Guide

Why choose one of these foosball men?

Foosball men are one of those foosball replacement parts that can significantly affect the quality of your game. You want to make sure you get the best players, ones that have great features, are durable and will certainly enhance the quality of your game.

The 3 styles of foosball men I have picked combine some of the best features you will find in high end foosball players. If it’s great ball control, accurate shots, overall great performance, then consider getting one of these types of foosball men. I have stuck with the Top Pick.

What to look for when purchasing foosball men?

Three core features that every great replacement foosball men should have.

1. Foot Design of the player

The most important feature to consider before purchasing any foosball men is the foot design. Different types of foosball men come with different foot design. There are those figures that have cross-hatched foot design with a pointed toe while there those that have slick foot design with round toes. Gripping cross-hatching foot design and pointed toes offer superb ball control and enhance your ability to make great shots.

On the other hand, slick foot design with rounded toes makes it hard to catch or pass the ball and even to execute skilled shots like a snake shot. You might also find some regular types of foosball men that have rounded toes but with a cross-hatching foot design.

The best option here is to look for men with pointed toes and a cross-hatching foot design. These ones will give you accurate ball control and they are the ideal choice if you want to play foosball game at an advanced level.

2. Counter-balanced men

Counter-balanced men is another important feature you should consider. In counterbalanced men the weight of the head and the toe of each player are equal so that when you move to another rod, the men retain the same position you left them. This means that if you place them in the horizontal position they will remain so without wagging thereby creating a clear path for a more open game. This is one feature foosball men should have for you to enjoy a competitive gameplay.

However, without counterbalanced men, your capacity to make good shots is highly limited. The men have heavy feet and light heads hence they can’t remain in a horizontal position. In short, it’s either you constantly adjust their position to get them out of your way or they end up blocking your shots.

The best option is the counterbalanced men. They make the game more open and pleasant to play and at the same time, they offer extra weight that boosts the shots speed.

3. Easy to Setup

All great replacement foosball men should fit tightly on any table with standard 5/8” foosball rods. If the hole diameter is larger than of the original men that came with the table, then they will not fit tightly on the bar. They will wiggle and make it hard to play. On the other hand, a smaller hole diameter means they might not fit or might need some modification to fit appropriately on the bar.

As you can see, knowing the hole diameter of your original foosball men is the best way to go when looking for replacements.

Aside from the hole diameter, another important thing to consider is how you get to screw the men in place. Some foosball players, especially the traditional style men, usually use nuts and screws. This hinders the rods movement and furthermore, the screws may get loose over time. If you frequently play hard-hitting games, this is probably not the best idea.

What I can recommend are foosball men that are secured using a lightweight pin. Using a hammer and a pin punch, the roll pins are pounded through the rod to hold the men in place. These roll pins are ideal as they hold the men tight on the rod and don’t easily get loose. Furthermore, they will rarely break and their light weight means that they won’t affect the movement of the rod.

Final Verdict

If you are replacing a broken foosball man or you just need a new set of foosball men, avoid pieces that have rounded, slick toes. Instead, look for figures that have pointed toe and a cross-hatching design on the foot that allows for better ball control. The men should also be counterbalanced if you want to enjoy a competitive game. The bottom line is that the design of the foosball men you choose will significantly influence the quality of your foosball games. Make sure to select the ones designed for great ball control and best performance.

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