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Rene Pierre Black Match Foosball Table Review

The Rene Pierre Black Match Foosball Table is a French foosball table from Rene Pierre’s manufacturing company engineered for durability and to offer great playing experience. It gets its Black Match name from its deep all black exterior cabinet color. The cabinet itself is made from MDF wood with reinforced base and includes chrome-plated telescopic rods, linoleum playfield, and metallic players. The table weighs 145 pounds, has thick inset legs and comes with two cork balls.

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Why should you buy it?

The Black Match model is among the top-notch foosball tables made by Rene Pierre. It is elegant and has some great high-end features. It offers great playability whether it’s a competitive match or just recreational play. Overall, the Rene Pierre Black Match Table is a quality foosball table providing style and durability which makes it worth the buy.

Why Rene Pierre?

Rene Pierre is the leading French table manufacturer and is well known for producing high-quality professional grade foosball tables. Most if his models are among the top foosball tables currently on the market, and as such, you can expect the same quality in the Black Match. Like the rest of his models, the Black Match presents a traditional French style foosball which will give you a whole different and exciting playing experience, especially if you are not conversant with the European-style foosball.

The Good:

  • Durable
    As I mentioned earlier, Rene Pierre is a leading French table manufacturer and part of the reasons why his tables are considered to be top of the line is because they are made from quality, durable materials. That is why as the rest of his models, the Black Match is also built to last. The cabinet is a thick MDF wood construction which is supported by a reinforced base consisting of thick MDF wood crossbars. The legs are also thick MDF wood with an inset design.
    This solid construction is essential as far as longevity is concerned as it gives the structure of the Black Match great strength to withstand every day game. Aside from these features, the rods of the Black Match are solid, chrome-plated steel which means they are rustproof and strong enough to handle rough play.
    The players on the other hand, are made of die-cast aluminum and as such, it will take some time before they can wear and tear or even break. Considering the quality of these materials including the inset leg design; the Black Match table is definitely tough and can withstand frequent recreational and competitive play for years.
  • Great Stability
    Looking at the solid structure as well as the design of the legs of this table, you can tell that the Black Match is a sturdy table. The legs are made of thick MDF wood and placed in an angled position. These thick legs provide excellent stability to the table while the inset legs on the hand reinforce this stability, preventing chances of shaking or shifting during game play.
    In addition to this, the Black Match weighs 145 pounds which is a sufficient weight to hold it stable. The height is around 5ft tall which is also good as it minimizes chances of the table wobbling during a rough game. So, in terms of stability the Black Match is pretty much sturdy and solid.
  • Great Control
    The Black Match is designed for a French style foosball and like many other European-style tables the focus is mainly on the ball control and easy maneuverability. It features counter-balanced, die-cast aluminum players with grooved toes. The counterbalance in the players ensures that the players stay out of the way during game play as they will not fall down when you rotate them horizontally when you are on the defence. The grooved toes on the other hand enhance the grip of players which makes catching and passing the ball easy.
    In addition to this, the Black Match has a linoleum play field that is raised at the corners. The linoleum playing field offers a smooth playing surface and raised corners serve to prevent dead ball from occurring. The cabinet itself is uniquely egg-shaped which another great feature of this table since it prevents the ball from jumping out during game play.
    The Black Match also comes with cork balls. Unlike other balls, cork balls are sticky and tacky which helps to improve ball control. They offer great grip allowing you to pin the ball down between the men and the table when you want to make a precise pass or pin shot.
  • Safe Game Play
    The rods of the Black Match table are explicitly designed and fixated on the table in a manner that they cannot injure players during play. The telescopic rods are placed such that they do not protrude on the other side when playing. As such, it’s safe for both players and anyone standing around the table during a match.
  • Easy to Install
    Another good thing about the Black Match is that you will not spend much time and effort to set it up before you start playing. The cabinet comes pre-assembled. The only thing you are left to do is to mount the legs, scorers, handles and you are ready to go.

The Bad:

  • No leg levelers
    Although the legs are in an angled position for better stability, the table is not made with leg levelers. Therefore, you will need to place the table on a solid level surface to attain a well leveled playing field. You may notice some dead spots during play if the table is not positioned on a well-leveled surface.
  • Slow game play
    As I mention earlier in “The Good” section, this table is made for a more controlled European-style of foosball. As such, it’s not a good fit for a fast game play. The tacky cork ball and the solid steel rods slow down the play making it a bit sluggish. So, if you are looking for speed and power which is typical of American-style foosball, then the Black Match is not a table for you.

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Features and Specifications:
  • Game Level: Suitable for Recreational and Competitive Play
  • Age: 10+
  • Style: European
  • Ball Bounce: None
  • Ball control: Great
  • Dead Zones: Sometimes Occurs
  • Arm Rotation: Smooth
  • Playing Surface Material: Linoleum
  • Drop Ramp: None
  • Weight: 145 pounds
  • Dimensions: 69 X 39 X 36 inches
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Approximate Lifespan: 5 years
  • Made in: France
  • Materials: Manufacture wood, Steel, Aluminum, Linoleum
  • Rods: Chrome Plated
  • Features: Angled legs, one man goalie style, central ball return system, ergonomically shaped handle grips, outer and inner greased rings, European 1-2-5-3 formations, 14mm telescopic rods, outer telescopic rod springs, metallic scorers at each end of table, 2 cork foosballs


All in all, the Rene Pierre Black Match table is certainly a higher-end table. It’s durable and includes a lot of top features you can expect from a professional grade table such as counterbalanced men, steel rods, smooth playing surface and great stability. Overall, with its striking black lacquer finish, great features, and reasonable pricing, the Rene Pierre Black Match table is a high-quality table that is worthy of a place in your recreation room at home or at work.

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