Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUP Review

The Red Paddle Co RIDE MSL 2017 Series review features a curved stand-up paddle board which has been specifically designed as an all-around SUP to handle flat water and light surf.

Definitely, a high quality and versatile inflatable paddleboard, see the below video before we start our review.

At well over $1000 this is the most expensive of all our inflatable paddle board reviews, but in return for that, you get the product that ranked the highest in both our inflatable SUP for yoga and inflatable SUP for wave surfing categories.

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At 4.72 inches thick, this Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP board is only just thicker than the Sportstuff 1030. While it offers a sturdiness that’s comparable to traditional solid stand-up paddle boards, beginners might want to choose a thicker board that feels a little more stable underfoot.

However, for experienced riders, the designers have got around the problem of a thin, unstable board by designing it with a gentle curve along its length. This lets the board glide smoothly through the water while still allowing it to catch smooth waves easily. The fact that this board is so thin and lightweight makes it easy to turn and maneuver on choppier conditions, but its length and stiffness also make it easy to control when paddling slowly. This combination of speed, handling and stability make this SUP just about the best inflatable paddle board in the world for general, all-around use.

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Measuring 32 inches across, this is the joint widest board of those we’ve reviewed. Throw in the 10’6″ length and the surface area is impressively big. This provides a great space for yoga with plenty of stability, while still being able to pick up speed and cut through the water quickly.

The accessories which are included make this board excellent value for money. As well as the pump which is used to inflate the board, it comes with a pressure gauge which is superior to those included with any of the other boards we’ve reviewed. Here, the pressure gauge doesn’t need an adaptor to give an instant, accurate reading without being attached to a pump. If you feel like the pressure of your board is dropping, this pressure gauge lets you check your board on the go in seconds.

Aside from the pump and pressure gauge, this is the best inflatable paddle board for the money for recording your adventures. It’s the only board to include a RAM mount for your phone or camera, and it even comes with a waterproof phone case to keep your stuff safe. The Red Paddle Co realize that capturing your SUP adventures is important, so giving this level of thought and care to you and your experience is a nice touch.

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Who Should Buy?

The high price and special features make this inflatable SUP surplus to many novices’ requirements. Instead, it’s a high-quality option best suited to those who already love SUP and who know what they want from a board.

The Good

  • Curved design can be used for all-round SUPing on flat water and light surf
  • Easy to control but quick to turn and maneuver
  • Comes with an accurate, instant pressure gauge which doesn’t need to be connected to a pump
  • Great for securing technology and capturing your adventures – a RAM mount and waterproof phone case are included
  • Red Paddle Co is one of the top manufacturing brands around

The Bad

  • Expensive at over $1000

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Features & Specs
  • Size: 10’6” x 32″ x 4.72″ (inflated)
  • Accessories included: Pump, ERS pressure gauge, high quality backpack, waterproof phone case, custom RAM mount

The Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUP can be found on Amazon

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