ISLE PEAK Inflatable Paddle board (SUP) Review

ISLE Surf & SUP are the brains behind the PEAK inflatable SUP boards, so you know you’re getting a specialist product designed by experts.

Bringing the best of both worlds in terms of versatility and craftsmanship, this fantastic all-around board is aimed at beginners to intermediates. It might be above the $500 mark, but you get what you pay for. When you consider the versatility, the awesome design and the backing of the big name brand, there’s a reason why this is one of the best-selling SUPs ever made.

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To kick off our review, take a look at this short video of the Peak Inflatable SUP. Heres a video of the SUP to get a good feel for the product.

The PEAK inflatable SUP isn’t the biggest board within our inflatable SUP reviews or the board that can take the most weight. However, it is six inches thick and it’s been designed with a very stable shape, making it the perfect platform to get you used to basic stand-up paddle techniques. It’s big enough to be used for SUP yoga; it’s tough enough to hold adults and kids; it’s even robust enough to stand up to choppy water and small waves. All of this means that this one board can suit everyone from complete beginners to more adventurous riders with higher skill levels.

The Peak Inflatable SUP is built to easily take anywhere:

Unfortunately, only one fin is supplied with the board. This is detachable for easy storage, but it would be nice if a few different options were included as well. The one fin that’s included is strong and perfectly adequate for beginners, but if you’re looking for superior tracking and intense racing, this might not be sufficient.

This is a basic all-around SUP board, but that doesn’t make it boring. It looks sleek and cool, and there are even a few different color options to choose from. The designers have given even more thought to the design by including bungee cord at the front of the deck which is secured in six points – more than the typical four points which you’ll find on most other boards. This provides secure storage space for all your other equipment, whether you’re going SUP fishing or just for a relaxing picnic on the lake.

As well as the extra storage space, the deck delivers amazing grip. The traction pad has a diamond pattern engraved into its surface, so it keeps you in place while still being comfortable. No matter how much water splashes onto the surface, your feet will never feel slippery or insecure.

The bag is one extra feature which sets this apart from all our other SUP inflatable reviews. Many other iSUPs come supplied with a bag, but few are as well made or as comfortable as this one. It features thick straps, soft padding, and even a waist strap to distribute the weight easily. You shouldn’t buy an inflatable SUP based on the backpack alone, but this is certainly an added bonus if you’ll be hiking for a few miles before you even hit the water.

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Who Should Buy?

This is a no-fuss inflatable SUP which acts as a great entry point to the world of stand-up paddleboarding. It might be an all-rounder, but this board is far from basic. According to our PEAK inflatable stand up paddle board review, buy it now and it will last for years – perfect if you’re ready to take your paddle boarding to the next level.

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The Good

  • Suitable for all abilities and skill levels
  • Six point bungee cord allows for the secure storage of lots of gear
  • Stylish design comes in a range of colors
  • Supplied with a very supportive, high quality backpack
  • Isle is one of the Best SUP brands

The Bad

  • Physically demanding to inflate
  • Only supplied with one detachable fin

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Features & Specs
  • Size: 10’6” x 31″ x 6″ (inflated)
  • Weight: 23 lbs
  • Maximum air pressure: 15 PSI
  • Maximum rider weight: 300 lbs (can be exceeded by experienced riders)
  • Material: Military grade PVC
  • Accessories included: Adjustable three piece aluminium paddle, pump with pressure gauge, removable travel fin, repair kit, leash, high quality backpack

The PEAK Inflatable SUP can be found on Amazon

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