Marucci Cat 7 BBCOR Baseball Bat

The Marucci Cat7 is an astonishing upgrade from the Cat6.

With its improved AZ4X alloy for a sweet spot twice that of the previous generation, the Cat7 is almost a new bat altogether. Add to that the 2nd generation Anti-vibration knob feature and you have yourself a well-balanced, great popping bat for contact hitters.

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The Marucci Cat7 seems to have taken what was already a good bat in the Cat6 and fine-tuned it. The result is impressive. As with the Cat6 model, Marucci have stuck with the single-piece alloy design, for a traditional balanced feel. The Cat7 has upgraded to the new AZ4X alloy, though, and this has done wonders for the barrel. It claims to double the bat’s sweet spot, and while I’m not sure how accurate this testimony is, I can certainly say that it doesn’t feel like there are any dead spots on this impressive barrel.

Another great added feature is the Av2, 2nd generation, knob. A harmonic dampening technology designed to reduce the bat’s sting effect. Also, with the added 2oz of weight beneath your hands, this means that the length from handle to barrel feels lighter. It allows for impressive swing speeds and an overall balanced feeling to the bat.

Lastly, the bat is BBCOR certified. And while this bat also has a great pop to it, the Marucci Cat7 is not exactly limited to big hitters. Contact hitters will also appreciate the weight-distribution, and traditional one-piece stiffness.

Who Should Buy?

Contact hitters playing in NCAA and high school competitions will love the Marucci Cat7. A single piece of well-weighted alloy with a massive sweet spot.

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The Good

  • BBCOR Certified
  • Av2 Anti-vibration knob feature
  • AZ4X Tapered Alloy barrel – extending barrel sweet spot
  • Fast swing speed
  • Traditional one-piece stiff feeling
  • Well-balanced

The Bad

  • Expensive bat
  • White design shows dirt

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Features & Specs
  • Material: One Piece Alloy
  • Barrel Width: 2 5/8”
  • Drop Weight: -3
  • BBCOR certified: Yes
  • Handle: Alloy with Av2 knob
  • Special Features: Sleek White Design

The Marucci Cat 7 baseball bat can be found on Amazon

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