The Harley Quinn (Good Night) Baseball Bat

The Harley Quinn Wooden Bat is a fantastic collector’s item.

An awesome quality replica. Perfect addition to your Halloween costume, party accessory or the occasional swing at a pinata.

While it isn’t recommended for competitive use, the Noble Collection has done a great job of producing a bat that can take a real swing. With its authentic ‘Good Night’ graphic design and script along the barrel, the Harley Quinn Replica is our worthy winner of the ‘Best Themed Bat Award’.

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Stylish “Suicide Girls” packaging

Introducing the Suicide Squad – Harley Quinn Baseball Bat Replica. This little gem not only gets bonus points for being inspired by a totally bad-ass character but for doing it well. The people at ‘The Noble Collection’ have really paid attention to detail, with this one.

One fun detail is that the bat measures 31.5 inches. Perhaps it’s a coincidence, but this would actually be a well-sized bat for someone of Harley Quinn’s size and weight (more about appropriate bat sizing in the Buyer’s Guide).

The most important thing about this Harley Quinn Good Night Bat, however, is its movie-accurate design and patterning. Don’t just take my word for it, though–the bat is an officially authorized replica of Warner Bros and DC Comics.

Of course, if you are intending to use the bat for the big rivalry game coming up this weekend, maybe think again. Remember, this bat hasn’t won the ‘Most Likely Bat to Hit a Home Run Award’. It receives the ‘Best Themed Bat Award’. A very cool award for collector’s items which belong on the shelves of very cool people. And occasionally to be brought out for a swing at the piñata.

Who Should Buy?

Anyone with an interest in DC Comics and baseball will love this collector’s item.

After reviewing an extensive list of themed bats,the only the Harley Quinn wooden bat was the only one worthy of being recommended. Thus, the Best Themed Bat Award was born!

The Harley Quinn Goodnight Baseball Bat

The Good

  • Movie-accurate replica
  • Warner Bros and DC Comics approved
  • Great collector’s item
  • Traditional hardwood design
  • Best Themed Bat Award Winner

The Bad

  • Not durable for actual usage
  • Not BBCOR certified!

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Features & Specs
  • Material: Hardwood
  • Barrel Width: Approx. 2 5/8”
  • BBCOR Certified: No
  • Handle: Standard hardwood
  • Special Features: Superb Harley Quinn Replica design

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