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Garlando G-500 Indoor Foosball Table Review


As you might have heard before, Garlando provides high-quality tables. But, is the G-500 Indoor Foosball table worth buying? Compared to the Garlando World Champion foosball table, it compromises on essential details to reduce cost. Then again, it isn’t marketed to professionals. The idea behind this table was to create a casual experience. All the extras the World Champion table has, aren’t really necessary for a fun game. The G-500 is a slimmed down version of the Garlando World Champion so that everyone can afford a quality table at home. It is ideal for children and adults who enjoy the sport and for those who want a device to practice at home. In many ways, the G-500 is the ideal first table.

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Why should you buy?

If you are looking for an office foosball table, one for your children or your man-cave, the G-500 is a great purchase. The wooden finish looks charming and reminds of the classic foosball tables in the past. This table will make a fine addition to your decor at home or the office and above all, provide endless hours of fun.
The Telescopic rods are an excellent safety feature, making the table especially suited for younger enthusiasts. Combined with the sturdiness and the quality of the parts, the G-500 is good for all ages. It is the kind of table I would buy a child to raise its interest in the sport. The low price is just the icing on the cake.

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Who should buy?

The G-500 is marketed as a recreational inside foosball table. It is for amateur, children and those who don’t take foosball very seriously. Despite the obvious differences, the G-500 resembles the Garlando World Champion a lot, making it a cheap alternative. Therefore, it is also suitable as a training device to those who just started competing. Having the option to practice a couple of times a day without going out to a pub, not just saves you money, but improves your form considerably. As a training device, I do suggest replacing the Telescopic rods and balls, as they can influence the gameplay significantly. Luckily, the manufacturer has these options available for the G-500. Through the manufacturer, you can also order different grips.

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The Good:

  • Cheap price, good for casual games and children
  • Telescopic rods are a safety feature, especially handy around children
  • Glass surface is easy to clean
  • Puppets are nearly indestructible

The Bad:

  • Telescopic rods are difficult to clean, need regular maintenance and can increase friction, reducing smooth and fast gameplay
  • Replacement parts can be expensive
  • Plastic grips become slippery with sweaty hands
  • No adjustable feet, making leveling difficult

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All in all, the G-500 makes the perfect “first” foosball table, for children, with the safety features, and adults. Garlando holds true to its reputation. We are given a product with high quality materials that are durable, easy in upkeep, looks great and with a couple of cheap improvements (tournament grade balls and wraps), worth every penny. I wholeheartedly encourage buying this table for your home and office. It may not be the Garlando World Champion, but it is close enough and, for that price, the best buy.

Those who want to train for Garlando tournaments, but are unsure what table to get, this budget friendly foosball table is the one. It provides you with what you need to bring your game to the next level.
What else is there to say? Kids love it, adults love it and you will too.

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Features & Specs
Dimensions: 56.2 x 30 x 35 inches
Weight: 165 pounds
Puppets: Blue and Red Plastic

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