Easton S3 Youth Baseball Bat

The Easton S3 is my number option for true contact hitters.

With its single piece alloy design, you can enjoy the traditional stiffness and balance of a one-piece bat. A balanced bat with a large barrel, the S3 Big Barrel is a great choice for those looking to swing a lighter alloy baseball bat.

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Check current price on Amazon

The Easton S3 is a big barrel bat for contact hitters. With its single-piece alloy design, the S3 maintains the traditional stiffness found in one-piece bats. So all the energy you produce in your swing will travel from handle to barrel without waste. Made with Hyperlite alloy material to give a –10 drop weight, the S3 is a light bat with a good sweet spot for youth league players.

The single piece alloy design also means that you can expect a lot of feedback. For balls that are well-struck in the sweet spot, you will get that rewarding feeling in your hands. However, when the ball is a bit off-center, don’t be surprised by that single piece alloy sting. The Hyperskin baseball bat grip doesn’t do anything to protect against this, but it does give you a nice tight feeling on the bat, in general.

Who Should Buy?

Players looking for a lightweight large barrel should consider the Easton S3. Not approved for high school and NCAA competition, the bat is USSSA certified and perfect for contact hitters in youth leagues that allow 2 ¾” barrels.

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The Good

  • Hyperlite alloy barrel
  • Traditional stiffness
  • Good alloy pop
  • Large barrel width
  • Great price

The Bad

  • Not BBCOR certified
  • Some sting effect

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Features & Specs
  • Material: One Piece Alloy
  • Barrel Width: 2 ¾”
  • Drop Weight: -10
  • BBCOR certified: No
  • Handle: Hyperskin grip
  • Special Features: Hyperlite Alloy Barrel

The Easton S3 baseball bat can be found on Amazon

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