Easton Mako Beast Big Barrel Baseball Bat

The Easton Mako Beast (Big Barrel) baseball bat is another great example of Thermo Composite Technology (TCT) at its finest.

With its huge 2 ¾” barrel and –10 drop weight, the swing speed for this composite two-piece is very impressive. Since it is a lighter bat, not every swing will clear the outfield. But when you do connect with the Beast, you’ll certainly know about it.

Check current price on Amazon


Check current price on Amazon

The Easton Mako Beast is another great product from the Mako line. It’s a beefy upgraded bat that is perfect for big hitters in leagues that do allow a 2 ¾” barrel size. With a drop 10 weight and a meaty barrel, when the Mako Beast connects, it really connects.

This baseball bat also furnishes Thermo Composite Technology—the most effective barrel technology for increasing swing speed while maintaining significant girth. With its larger and cleaner sweet spot, the Mako Beast is really made for big hitters who like clearing the outfielders. You will still get significant distance if you strike at the end of your barrel, but since it is a drop 10 weight, there is not the heavy barrel behind it to really send a ball that isn’t perfectly struck.

Another feature of the Mako Beast is its composite handle. Made with Easton Conation technology, the two-piece composite design reduces vibration and takes away much of the sting effect felt in your hands.

Who Should Buy?

Senior league players looking for a well-priced bat with a big barrel. The Easton SL17MK10B is not, however, BBCOR certified and thus cannot appear on high school or NCAA playing fields.

The Good

  • Huge barrel
  • Great sweet spot
  • Fast swing speed
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Composite handle

The Bad

  • Not BBCOR certified
  • Poorly struck balls will not travel.

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Features & Specs
  • Material: Composite Two Piece
  • Barrel Width: 2 ¾”
  • Drop Weight: -10
  • BBCOR certified: No
  • Handle: Hyper skin grip
  • Special Features: Thermo Composite Technology Barrel

The Easton SL17MK10B Mako Beast baseball bat can be found on Amazon

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