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Easton Mako Beast BBCOR Baseball Bat

Easton has lived up to its name on this one. The Easton Mako Beast is the new BBCOR approved model for big hitters.

Meeting the 2 5/8” barrel width and drop 3 weight requirements, this fast-swinging, long-barreled Beast model is a fine choice for serious players looking to meet BBCOR requirements.

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Eastong Mako Beast

Check current price on Amazon

Finally, we get to the Mako Beast that can be unleashed on high school and NCAA fields: the BBCOR certified, Easton BB17MK model. Made with its Thermo Composite Technology barrel, this Beast has the longest barrel yet. A good 1.5” longer than previous Mako Beast models, while still maintaining that ever-important drop 3 weighting.

In accordance with BBCOR requirements, the barrel width is 2 5/8”–making it slightly thinner than other big barrel bats out there. However, with the added length and thinner barrel, this beast has one of the fastest swing speeds on the market. And with its –3 length to weight ratio, this fast bat speed will be backed by the full force of a well-weighted TCT barrel.

Easton’s two-piece Connexion technology also features in the Easton BB17MK. This design works to increase the energy transferred from handle to barrel so that you don’t lose the feeling of a traditional one-piece bat. Or any extra yards on your swing. Truly one of the best baseball bats ever made from the Easton Mako line.

Who Should Buy?

The Easton BB17MK is a Mako Beast model for high school and NCAA athletes. A fantastic popping bat with unrivaled swing speed.

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The Good

  • BBCOR Approved
  • Extended barrel length
  • Hyperskin grip
  • Two piece Connexion technology
  • TCT barrel
  • Very fast bat speed

The Bad

  • Not exactly cheap
  • Thinner barrel than other beast models (to meet BBCOR requirement)

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Features & Specs
  • Material: Single Piece Hybrid
  • Barrel Width: 2 5/8”
  • Drop Weight: -3
  • BBCOR certified: Yes
  • Handle: Alloy hybrid
  • Special Features: Composite end-cap

The Easton Mako Beast baseball bat can be found on Amazon

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