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Finding A Cheap Paintball Gun / Marker Under $200

Want a great paintball gun for under $200?

With over 10,286 paintball guns available on amazon, sifting through them can be a pointless challenge.

Especially, since I have picked the best of the lot.


Let’s start off with quality cheap paintball guns and markers that won’t put a hole in your wallet.

All of the paintball guns listed can be found for under $200, which is a rare thing. Even better, 3 of the 4 are from one of the top brands – Tippman.

Paintball can be an expensive game, and cheap paintball gear is often poor-quality gear.

Fortunately for you, I’ve found the best paintball guns under $200.

How can you be sure these are the best paintball markers for your money?

I have put the latest to the test (over 112 paintball guns tested) and found these 4 best high-quality paintball markers out there for under $200.

I even have the perfect choice for kids starting with paintball.

You can also jump to the section that interests you. Use the simple navigation below:

Here is a comparison the TOP 4 cheap paintball markers for your money:

Comparison Table

  NameFire RateOverall Rating 
Tippman TMC Magfed Marker20+ BPS4.9/5Check Price

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Tippmann Cronus Tactical7-12 BPS4.7/5Check Price

Read Review
Azodin Kaos 27-12 BPS4.3/5Check Price

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Tippman US Army Alpha Elite15+ BPS3.9/5Check Price

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Tippman TMC Magfed Marker Review

The Tippmann TMC allows you the freedom of feeding with both magazine and hopper systems.

So that no matter what situation you find yourself in on the field, you can be prepared. A fast firing, fully pneumatic marker.

Click here for the Tippman TMC Magfed Marker

Who Should Buy?

Woodsball players who are likely to play both up-close and distance games. The TMC is a marker with a variety of strengths, for players who like to mix it up.

Our rating: 4.9 /5

Check Out the Tippman TMC Magfed Marker

Tippmann have placed themselves another quality product on my list: the TMC magfed. And while the name suggests that this marker is magazine-fed, what I like about it is its dual-option feeding system. So you can go hopper or magazine, depending on your preference. And with it being a fully pneumatic marker, you will want to make sure that you can fill it up whichever feeding system you choose. You’re going to be shooting fast. Really fast.

With Tippmann’s proven in-line bolt system and an authentic AR15 look to it, the TMC magfed is an incredibly hot option. Considering its size, the original model is incredibly lightweight. This means that you can easily beef it up with whatever upgrades you like, without worrying about it getting too heavy. That’s another great thing about the Tippmann TMC—while it comes fully functional, it’s also very easily customized.

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The Good

  • Fast, fast, fast
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy frame
  • Authentic AR15 design
  • Dual-feeding
  • Variety of strengths

  • The Bad

    • Not the most accurate marker
    • Can break down

    Check out the Tippman TMC Magfed Marker


    Tippmann Cronus Tactical Review

    Tippmann has refined its most popular model to give us the Cronus Tactical: winner of our ‘Best Budget Option’ title. It comes in Under $100.

    One of the most reliable and durable markers you can find, the Tippmann Cronus will survive any woodsball course you can find.

    Click here for the Tippmann

    Who Should Buy?

    Perfect for beginner and intermediate players, looking for a comfortable marker with good accuracy. The best paintball gun for your money.

    #tippmanncronustactical #paintball #myownxmasgift

    A post shared by Mario Guti (@marioguti11) on

    Our rating: 4.7/5

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    The Tippmann Cronus is a fine model for players who are just learning (or learning to love) Woodsball. Based on what is still one of the most commonly used markers in the world—the Tippmann 98—this newer Cronus model has kept of all the classic elements. One of the most reliable and durable paintball guns on the market, the Cronus will take whatever you throw or shoot at it, and then some.

    There is very little recoil on this gun, and the two-piece handle design with vertical grip makes for a comfortable hold. For less advanced players, it can be a perfect marker for learning to shoot. Since it uses a mechanical trigger system, the Cronus won’t be pumping out 15BPS rapid bursts. However, this model makes up for speed with decent range and very good accuracy.

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    The Good

    • Easily customized
    • Accurate shooter
    • Vertical Grip
    • Comfortable handling
    • Very Durable
    • Value for money

    • The Bad

      • Heavy marker
      • Slow fire rate

      Check out the Tipmann Cronus Paintball Marker


      Azodin Kaos 2 Review

      The Azodin Kaos 2 is one of the most trusted, reliable markers on the market.

      For beginners and intermediates, the Kaos line has always produced markers that you can count on. With only one moving O-ring, the Kaos 2 is less susceptible to leaks and technical issues—making it a friendly choice for those who are not very experienced in marker maintenance, too.

      Click here for the Azodin Kaos 2

      Who Should Buy?

      Players who are looking for any entry-level marker that won’t break down on you, the Azodin Kaos 2 is a very reliable choice. Its also a great starter paintball gun for kids

      Our rating: 4.3 /5

      Check out the Azodin Kaos 2

      The Azodin Kaos 2 is a terrific first-marker option.

      If you’re not an advanced player and are just looking to get into the game, the Kaos line is the perfect affordable choice. With some improvements to the original Azodin Kaos, this second edition comes with a 45 degree gas-through-foregrip design. In combination with a generally sleeker design than the 1 model, the Kaos 2 has simply made things easier for first-time-users.

      This marker is lightweight, and slightly smaller than other first-gun options. We’ve already gone over the Tippmann Cronus—which, while being a great marker in its own right, is certainly a heavier piece of equipment than the Azodin Kaos 2. Some people find the smaller models more challenging to get used-to, however this is mostly a matter of personal feeling.

      Azodin’s second edition model also promises better accuracy than many markers in the category. With its 12inch barrel, at .697 diameter, the Kaos 2 is a fine shooter for players of any level.

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      The Good

      • Very affordable
      • Lightweight marker
      • Accurate shot
      • Gas-through-foregrip design
      • Great for first-time players
      • Easy maintenance

      • The Bad

        • Short range
        • Slow fire rate

        Check out the Azodin Kaos 2

        ular pasir #empirepaintball #paintball #azodinkaos2 #Magnumpaintball #SOPL2 #RIAU

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        RUNNER UP

        Tippman US Army Alpha Elite Review

        The US Army Alpha Elite is one of the best-known markers on the field.

        Commonly rented out for first-time users, people return to this model time and time again for its reliable, durable performance. And with its accurate M4 tactical design, the US Army Alpha Elite will have you enemies shaking. Tippmann add their third marker to this list with the US Army Alpha Elite

        Click here for the US Army Alpha Elite

        Who Should Buy?

        A friendly choice for any first-time purchase, but advanced users often hold it is an all-time favorite. Great for players who enjoy quality replica models.

        Our rating: 3.9 /5

        Check Out the US Army Elite

        The US Army Alpha Elite is a sturdy, intimidating piece of machinery.

        Designed to imitate M4 models, the Alpha Elite also comes with all the add-ons you would expect of a genuine tactical weapon. So if you want to upgrade with a new scope, sight, laser, or barrel, this model is more-than-suited to adjustments.

        While this marker is perfect for beginners and intermediate players looking to still feel things out a bit, many advanced players still love this model. You really can’t go past its classic design, and considering the Alpha Elite’s reliable power and accuracy, many players don’t mind carrying around the extra weight. This is the price you must pay, unfortunately, for a larger, tactical M4 replica like the Alpha Elite. It can be a little heavier than other markers, and after a long day you might start to feel it weighing down on your arms. That being said, paint-ballers everywhere continue to choose it; it must be doing something right!

        Read More

        The Good

        • Stunning M4 replica
        • Durable and reliable
        • Accurate
        • Easily customized
        • Realistic look and feel

        • The Bad

          • On the Heavy Side
          • Slow feeding system

          Check out the US Army Elite

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