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How To Amp Up Your Home Workouts; The 5 Best Home Workout Benches

best home workout bench

There are plenty of reasons to choose a home workout over going to the gym. It’s more convenient, you’re more comfortable at home, and it’s cheaper. The problem is:

It’s tough to get the same intensity from your workout without the right equipment.

Plenty of bodyweight exercises will have you feeling the burn. But when it comes to strength and muscle development, nothing beats resistance training. This is where a home workout bench can be your saving grace.

I’m a big fan of home workouts as a supplement to my regular gym sessions. I know the trials of trying to get a good pump at home. This article will take you through what I’ve found about the best workout benches, and how they can improve your home exercise routine.

I’ll also give you some tips for how to choose the best home workout bench for your needs. In my Buyer’s Guide, we’ll talk about weight capacity and some other key features. So keep an eye out for those factors in my Top 5 home workout bench reviews, too.

  NameAnglesWeight CapacityRating 
Best Overall
Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight BenchNegative 20 - Positive 80 degrees800 pounds5.0/5Check Price
Best Budget
Marcy Flat Utility Weight BenchOnly flat300 pounds4.5/5Check Price
Multi Purpose
Marcy Multi-Purpose Adjustable Bench4 angles; flat, incline, decline and upright.300 pounds4.3/5Check Price
Fitness Deck
Escape Fitness Deck2 Bench angles242 pounds4.2/5Check Price
Adjustable Bench
GYMENIST Adjustable Workout Bench ReviewDecline - Straight w/ 5 angles550 pounds4.0/5Check Price

Best Overall

My best overall choice includes plenty of variety and stability. Without any fancy extras, the team at Fitness Reality have focused on functionality. At a reasonable price. This is hands down my favorite home workout bench on the list.

Best Overall!

Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench



This heavyweight model from Fitness Reality is perfect for a serious home workout.

Our Rating: 5.0/5


Negative 20 – Positive 80 degrees
Weight Capacity
800 pounds
Yes – 12 positions
Special Feature
Detachable 3-position leg hold

Who Should Buy

Anyone that wants the freedom to lift heavy and include some incline/decline exercises in their routine.Click here for the Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench


Fitness Reality’s 1000 model is really all you could ask for in a home workout bench. With an 800 pound capacity, you can use this for just about anything. Whether that’s heavy bench press or shoulder press.

It comes with 6 incline positions, which is all you need and more. I mostly love that they include a decline option. That’s pretty rare to find, and it opens up a whole new world of anti-gravity resistance training exercises!

Here is the full review video:

Even though this model doesn’t include any leg extension or lower body add-ons, I still give it my overall best choice. For me personally, the adjustable positions combined with a high weight capacity let me do just about all the leg workouts I could need at home, anyway.

  • Great weight capacity for heavy lifting.
  • All the bench angles you could need at home.
  • Can be folded for easy storage.
  • No leg extension add-on.
  • Takes up more space than a flat bench.
  • Thinner back than my gym bench.
  • Sloppy welding on the bottom side.
fitness 1
fitness top
fitness fold
fitness seat
fitness recline

Best Budget

My budget choice goes to a simple flat bench from Marcy. If you’re just looking for basic help with your exercise routine, this is the best home workout bench for the money.

Best Budget!

Marcy Flat Utility Weight Bench

marcy utility


This is the perfect budget introduction to a home workout bench. This way, you can spend a little more on getting a nice dumbbell set to go with your flat bench workout.

Our Rating: 4.5/5


Only flat
Weight Capacity
300 pounds
Special Feature
Simple two leg design, with space beneath bench for storage.

Who Should Buy

People looking to add some variety to their home workouts, without really needing to lift heavy.Click here for the Marcy Flat Utility Weight Bench


Marcy’s flat workout bench is a simple design to help your home workouts. Raised to a comfortable height, this bench works well for most bench-assisted exercises. Raised split-lunges and glute bridges, for example, are great on this. The padding is comfortable to support your back and ankle–which can be a real pain with some other models!

While it is also recommended for barbell workouts, I would be careful about that. The weight capacity is listed at 300 pounds. And while these figures tend to be on the safer side, I wouldn’t want to push it too far. If you’re closing in on 250 pounds and you want to bench press at home, this probably isn’t the bench for you.

Here is a full video of the bench from Marcy:

  • Comfortable rounded padding.
  • Lightweight and easy to fit in most workout spaces.
  • Simple and affordable choice.
  • Non-adjustable and only flat bench
  • Not suitable for heavy lifting
marcy utility 2
marcy utility 3
marcy utility 4
marcy utility 5
marcy utility 6

Best Multi Purpose

Multi-purpose workout benches typically focus less on capacity and more on opening up workout possibilities. My choice goes to Marcy’s Adjustable Bench. For its added stability pole which adds some diversity to the workout, and it’s adjustable angles.

Multi Purpose!

Marcy Multi-Purpose Adjustable Bench



Marcy’s Multi-purpose bench focusses on variety and versatility–it gives you all the angles and adjustments you need for a great home workout.

Our Rating: 4.3/5


4 angles; flat, incline, decline and upright.
Weight Capacity
300 pounds
Special Feature
Roller pads for legs.

Who Should Buy

Anyone who doesn’t need to lift “bodybuilder” heavy at home. Marcy’s multi-purpose bench will open up a few more exercise possibilities–perfect for beginners and intermediate gym goers.Click here for the Marcy Multi-Purpose Adjustable Bench


Marcy’s Multi-Purpose model gives some extra options to the standard home workout bench. The additional stability pole is a nice touch–it brings in a new set of exercises and angles. Instead of doing dips off the side of the padded bench, you can use the pole for a few different grips to get a more specific burn in your triceps.

With a weight capacity of just 300 pounds, this is a lightweight option. Perfect for light dumbbell and bodyweight exercises. I also like that it gives you the four most important angles: flat, incline, decline and military. Since you have these workout angles, it isn’t such a problem to lift lighter weight. You can get all the pump you need from changing up your incline and focusing in on a target muscle group.

Here is the marketing video from Marcy. The video is super cheezy cheese, but that doesn’t change our opinion about the bench.

  • Roller pads for comfortable support.
  • All four major angles needed for a full body workout.
  • Foldable design for easy storage.
  • No heavy lifting: limited weight capacity.
  • Some reviewers mention that the bench is a little wobbly. I’m not sure if this is a manufacturing error or something about the design.
marcy group
marcy multi purpose 2
marcy multi purpose 4

Best Fitness Deck

Adjustable fitness decks are a great idea. They aim to provide a full body workout, with the focus on stability first. My best fitness deck choice is the Escape, for its easy adjustability and stylish design.

Fitness Deck!

Escape Fitness Deck



I recommend the fitness deck for full body workout enthusiasts, when the focus is on aerobic and plyometrics. For upper body and heavier lifting, this will not take you very far.

Our Rating: 4.2/5


2 Bench angles
Weight Capacity
242 pounds
Special Feature
Internal storage

Who Should Buy

Anyone wanting to have a really solid and stable base for lower body plyometrics and aerobic exercises. With the added freedom of adding in some upper body exercises.Click here for the Escape Fitness Deck


While I like the idea of an adjustable fitness deck, I’ll start by saying one thing: You can’t expect the same comfort or functionality as a regular workout bench.

I think that fitness decks are awesome and important for plyometric, speed and aerobic workouts. But that’s where they do their best work. By adding the adjustable bench angle, I can see the appeal, but it will simply never be as comfortable or good as a regular bench.

That being said, if you are big on your aerobic and lower body workouts, then a fitness deck could be perfect for you. It’s all about priorities. And the Escape Fitness Deck puts lower body aerobic workout as its primary focus: upper body dumbbell workouts are secondary.

Here is a video review:

  • More stable than other flat benches.
  • Internal storage for resistance bands and workout equipment.
  • No problem jumping and lunging on this base.
  • Expensive for what it offers.
  • Very light weight capacity.
escape up
escape side
escape bottom

Best Adjustable Bench

Adjustable benches are ideal for variety workouts. You really want a bench that gives you the full range, from decline to military positions, and this adjustable bench from GYMENIST is precisely that. It also has a top-notch weight capacity, which is enough to win my Best Adjustable Bench choice.

Adjustable Bench!

GYMENIST Adjustable Workout Bench Review



A fantastically simple design from GYMENIST with a great weight capacity. Adjustable, foldable and portable.

Our Rating: 4.0/5


Decline – Straight w/ 5 angles
Weight Capacity
550 pounds
Special Feature
Adjustable head and back cushion included.

Who Should Buy

Anyone that likes to move around with their workouts, or is interested in a portable workout bench.Click here for the GYMENIST Adjustable Workout Bench Review


GYMENIST’s adjustable workout bench is simple and great. I love the cushioning and wide-back design on this bench (along with the snazzy orange-black color scheme). For a foldable bench, it has a great weight capacity: 550 pounds is more than enough for heavy dumbbell workouts and might even cover some more serious bench press and barbell exercises.

Coming with 5 different angle settings, ranging from decline to military (straight up), the GYMENIST bench covers all bases. It actually comes with an adjustable sliding cushion, also. This is useful if you like to rest your head on something while doing incline exercises. My final compliment for the system is its foldable design. Unlike other ‘foldable’ benches which just collapse at the legs, the GYMENIST really folds at the mid-section for significantly easier storage. Storage may not be the first thing you’re looking for in a workout bench, but it’s nice to have. The design also means that the bench is pretty easy to carry, so you can take it with you for outdoor exercises (or over to a friend’s place) if the mood strikes!

The largest complaints I’ve heard about this bench are on its stability. While all reviews are positive on the flat position, there have been some concerns for the incline positions. I would be comfortable following the 550 pound weight capacity for the flat angle, but not as much on incline positions. This is a shame, but then again–you don’t need to lift as heavy at an incline, and it won’t hold you back that much really.

Here is a video of how to use the Gymenist:

  • Can be folded in half and flat for great storage.
  • Full decline – Military range
  • Light and portable
  • Great weight capacity on the flat angle
  • Not so stable for incline positions
  • Foam roll pads are thin and don’t provide much protection.
gymnest side
gymnest folded
gymnest folded front

Best Full Body

My best full body choice goes to Marcy’s Olympic Weight Bench. It comes with a removable squat rack, which gives you the freedom to lift real weight and put it back down safely. It also has great add-ons like a preacher curl attachment and leg extension mechanism.

Marcy Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench


This is as close as you’ll get to a home gym in one purchase.

Our Rating: 4.1/5


5 Bench angles
Weight Capacity
300 pounds
Special Feature
Squat rack, preacher curl add-on and leg extension attachment!

Who Should Buy

For serious home gym goers who would benefit from a light squat or barbell lunge workout.Click here for the Marcy Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench


At first I thought this model was a little too ambitious, but now I’m sold. The two piece design with removable parts like the preacher curl add-on is awesome. What you have here is a full home workout set-up. And while the squat rack may not really be ideal for heavy squatting (I wouldn’t trust it to hold 400 pounds), it’s great to have. It also means that you can adjust it down for a proper bench press set-up.

That being said, the weight capacity on this set is surprisingly low. For an Olympic weight bench, I don’t think many Olympic weightlifters could even sit on this thing comfortably. If you weigh less than 180 pounds, you might get a decent 120 pound incline bench press. But you probably won’t be setting any new personal bests.

In any case, this is the best home workout bench for the money you’ll find with an included squat rack. It also has five adjustable angles and a leg extension attachment.

Here is the marketing video for the Marcy Olympic:

  • Awesome versatility with add-ons like preacher curl and leg extension.
  • Only bench on my list with an included squat rack.
  • Hits all the bench angles you need.
  • Weight storage included on machine.
  • Not ideal for true Olympic weight lifting.
  • Preacher curl might be a little awkward if you aren’t the right size.
  • Set-up can be a little complicated, with plenty of parts to put together!

How to choose a home workout bench

The Definitive Buyer’s Guide

home workout bench buyers guide

How To Choose A Home Workout Bench

The best home workout bench will be the one you want to workout on! Something that gets you motivated just thinking about it. Comfortable, versatile and stable; so you can just focus on your workout and nothing else.

There are a few points you’ll want to consider:
1) What are your home workout goals?
2) What does your workout space look like? And
3) How much variety are you looking for?

Angles: Why Do They Matter?

The variety question can be answered by angles. When it comes to home workout benches, I personally enjoy the freedom to change things up. Especially since I like to keep the weight light at home, having a workout bench with some different angles is really important.

For working your upper chest and shoulders, you’ll want a bench that goes up to a 45 degree incline. The same goes for some of the best dumbbell back workouts. Reverse flys and Y-T-I back series are perfect when you can rest your weight on an incline bench for support.

When you have a bench that you can incline fully, or even just 45 degrees, your options go up tenfold. Angles matter because they decide which muscles are working against gravity. A bench that can go up to 90 degrees (straight up) also has the advantage of adding many shoulder and arm workouts. You want to be able to keep a straight back for many exercises, and when you stand this can be a pain. It can even cause unwanted abdominal pain or strain. 90 degree benches are a great support if you plan on including any movements like shoulder press, bicep variations and overhead tricep extensions.

A rarer find is a bench with a solid decline angle. This opens up some nice chest exercises–to hit those lower pectorals for a rounded chest. A decline bench will also allow you to add in some weighted sit-ups and other handy core exercises against gravity.

Weight Capacity

This is the next big one. It relates to the ‘What are your home workout goals’ question. Are you using the home workout as your main workout? Or is it just a supplement to a full gym or other regular exercise (like running or playing sport)?

Whatever the case, it could affect what you are looking for in a workout bench. If you’re trying to build muscle and strength at home, then you’ll need some weight to go with the bench. Resistance training has been shown to be the outright winner for developing muscle tone and building strength. Bodyweight exercises can be strenuous in their own right (just try doing 10 pull-ups and tell me how it feels). But training your body to resist a force like a dumbbell or barbell is where the real muscle magic happens.

For barbell lifts, you’ll need an additional support frame to go with your home workout bench. If you do plan on taking this route, say for doing your bench press at home, you’ll need a sturdy bench. Home workout benches vary significantly on how much weight they can handle: anything from 250 to 800 pounds.

Remember, the weight capacity listed includes your body plus any additional weights. So if you weigh 150 pounds, and you’d like to eventually set-up for a 150 bench press at home: you’ll need a 300 pound weight capacity on your home workout bench. Minimum.

I personally prefer to stay light and stick with the dumbbells. But again, if you’re lifting two 40 pound dumbbells, that’s already an extra 80 pounds for your bench to handle. If you weigh under 200 pounds, you can certainly get away with a 300 pound capacity for most shoulder and upper chest dumbbell exercises. But for anything heavier, you might want to take a close look at this factor.

Adjustable Benches

This goes for angles as well as sizing. It’s unusual to have an incline bench that doesn’t adjust down to lie flat. So most home workout benches with an incline or 90 degree setting are automatically adjustable.

On the other hand, some manufacturers also offer an adjustable seat. This lets you raise or lower the seat section to make your workout more customized. To be honest, this feature isn’t so important. It’s nice to have for some exercises, but you can certainly do without it.

Barbell Or Dumbbell Workouts

I touched on this briefly in the weight capacity section, but you’ll want to think about your workout type. If you plan on using barbells for your workouts, you will also benefit from a support frame. Marcy’s Olympic Weight Bench includes this, but most other models do not. You’ll need to buy it separately.

Another option is to consider is an EZ-bar for arms and upper body workouts. While you can use a dumbbell for most EZ bar exercises, some people prefer the single bar feeling. For example, I like to do my pullovers on a workout bench, using an EZ bar instead of one heavy dumbbell.

How To Make A Workout Bench At Home?

Making a workout bench at home will probably set you back more than buying one. To make it comfortable, safe and worthwhile, you’ll end up spending more on the materials than buying a decent flat workout bench.

That being said, building your own weight rack might be a good investment. That way you can hold your weight for bench press and squatting. Just be sure you know what you’re doing, or find a person who does to do it for you. The last thing you want is 200 pounds crashing down on your chest or head!

How To Do Chest Workout At Home Without Bench?

There are plenty of ways to do home chest workouts without a bench. For a detailed explanation of this, check out my post here.
However, even with a great bodyweight home workout, you’ll still get more versatility with a workout bench.

What Is A Solid Workout Bench For Home Gym?

A solid workout bench for home use will be anything that carries 300 pounds safely. Some of the best benches, like my best overall choice, can hold up to 800 pounds for serious lifting at home.

What To Use As A Workout Bench At Home?

If you don’t have a manufactured home workout bench, I would exercise with caution. I know that when I was a fitness-crazy teenager, I would do split lunges and plyometrics off the family coffee table, but I wouldn’t recommend this! To be honest, if you are doing any weighted work (even dumbbell bench press) the most stable thing you’ll find is the ground. For an elevated exercise, you might try a couch or sturdy chair, but exercise with caution. Your best bet is to invest in a home workout bench if you plan on doing regular home workouts without hurting yourself.

Summing Up

If you enjoyed this post, feel free to share it with your friends, or leave a comment below telling me what you think. For more information about fitness products and supplements that take you to the next level check out Protein Benefits, Benefits Of Magnesium, Creatine Benefits and our Posture Corrector Guide.

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