7 Amazing Benefits Of Stand-Up Paddle Boarding


No matter how old you are or what your fitness level is, paddle boarding is simple to learn and can help you get in the best shape of your life.

Studies carried out by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) show that participating in SUP can not only be a fun and unique alternative to traditional cardiovascular endurance sports such as jogging, biking and swimming but can also provide adequate muscle stimulation to provide a core-training workout and a substantial balance challenge.

Regardless of your age, weight or level of fitness, paddle boarding is a great way to shed the fat, unleash your grip on stress, and bring out the inner Zen in you.

In this post, we discuss seven benefits that stand up paddle boarding brings to the table. Time to place your inhibitions aside and start cruising on a SUP!

Let’s start with this video:

Improves Your Balance

Paddle boarding is great for improving your balance as well as strengthening your ankles and joints. It’s no brainer that paddle boarding requires balance. You will need to have a lot of stability, coordination and leg strength to remain upright while paddling. The wobbling board makes the workout fun and effective. Your limb muscles have to work together to keep your body balanced constantly.

A study conducted to determine the relationship between the level of balance and the different recreational activities in various environments: on the ground and in the water found out that maintaining your body’s symmetry and equilibrium against varying water currents improves proprioceptive/kinesthetic awareness, which in turn minimizes risk of falls and fractures.

Paddling may feel a little strange at first, but you will quickly be up on your feet and paddling with confidence, but like most things in life, the more you do it, the better you will become. With practice, you will soon be paddle boarding further and further, and your balance will improve significantly.

Reduces Stress

Believe it not; paddling is an excellent stress reliever as it is an adrenaline rush! Taking the SUP out on the flat water for a serene and calming hour of stress-free “me time” is a great way to wind down and center yourself.

Studies are also underwayto prove the relationship between the brain and “blue-space”. Just as a walk in the woods can be sedating and calming, so can sea air or just being on any water source. It’s good for your well-being!

Away from the noise and the hustle and bustle of life’s stresses, add some yoga to the mix. You’ll be able to bring down stress levels further and burn up negative energy as you burn some fat.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular activities are probably synonymous with running, walking, jumping rope or cycling. But did you know stand-up paddle boarding can also intensify your heart rate enough to meet the levels achieved by moderate- to high-intensity activities? Indeed, according to statistics released by Compendium of Physical Activities the metabolic equivalents (MET values) for paddle boarding compare to the MET values for moderate-intensity running or walking, contingent upon how hard you push yourself. So the more you SUP, the more you lower your risk for heart disease.
15 elite SUPpers were profiled, and their HDL cholesterol levels were 14.7% higher than recreational SUPpers and even more so than sedentary individuals. Their triglycerides were also significantly lower. A SUPper’s diet and continuous exercise performed while paddling helps to raise the good kind of cholesterol that you want, resulting in a healthier body and healthier heart. So it pays off not to be a couch potato!

Keeps You Fit

SUPs improve your cardio fitness significantly and while still at it lower your risk of Stroke, Heart attack, joint problems, and diabetes. Previous research shows the amount calories burnt when paddle boarding is significantly high, and this means paddling forever and a day can reduce your body fat and check your weight. Paddling can also improve your body mass which is great for a much healthier body. Talking of weight, Studies are underway to prove that paddle boarding can help lower your body fat than skimpy diets or pills you can ingest.

Did you know Paddle boarding is, in fact, a full body workout which has more than just the physical rewards? Believe it or not, it takes your entire body to use your SUP inflatable paddle board well. This means that while you’re paddle boarding, you’ll be working your back muscles, core, arms, legs, shoulders, and torso, offering you a whole body workout.

As you try to stabilize yourself from gravity, your body will work hard to maintain balance. At the same time, you’ll use your arms and shoulders to move the stand-up paddleboard paddle forward, as your heart beats faster and releases nitric oxide. Your blood vessels will open, and increased oxygen will flow to your brain, improving the function of nearly every organ in your body

A study to ascertain the potential of SUP on various health parameterswas conducted on 13 SUP participants for 6 weeks. Significant (P over 0.05) improvements were made in aerobic (+23.57 %) and anaerobic fitness (+41.98 %). These results confirm that health improvements are achievable when SUP is utilized as a training tool.

Helps In Digestion

I know what you are thinking right now! “What on earth does paddleboarding have to do with digestion?” Well, a lot. An article published on experiencelife, elaborates the digestive health isn’t solely dependent upon what we eat. Our digestion is greatly affected by the amount of rest we receive, toxins we are exposed to, bacteria in our environments, and relaxation and stress reduction we seek. Being outside and getting a break from stress, exposing ourselves to Vitamin D from the sun and beneficial microbes in dirt, fresh water, and air contribute to our health in many positive ways.

Enhances Your Endurance And Stamina

Let’s debunk the myth about enhancing your endurance and stamina once and for all. Other than cardio exercise, strengthening exercises are a great way to build your endurance and stamina. Fortunately, SUP is more than just cardio exercise. It helps to build muscular strength in your upper body, core, and legs. Your endurance and stamina mystery has just been demystified, folks!

Improves Posture

In today’s society, sitting has been described as the “the new smoking”. From the couch at home to the office chair, we spend more time seated than walking. Naturally, the ideal sitting posture would be when all your vertebrae are stacked on top of each other. If you a have a day’s job that requires you to sit on the chair for hours, it is very easy to slouch forward without even your noticing the key is to correct your posture as soon as you realize it.
According to an article published in neverbored, Paddle boarding helps to alleviate the strain you put on your spine. The exercises need to keep you balanced on water serves to strengthen the muscles responsible for maintaining a good posture.

A New Platform To Fish

Paddle boarding is a new platform (literally) to get on top of some fish. It provides a great opportunity for anglers to get to fishing spots that could potentially ground a boat or wreck a canoe. The silence that comes with Paddle boarding stealthy nature makes it a very effective fishing method.
Anglers also find standing on paddle boards more convenient compared to replicating the same on the unstable canoes and kayaks. For this reason, Fishing on Stand- up Paddle boards has become the new normal. In fact, manufacturers have modeled paddles that are wider with the fisherman that has to struggle with the catch in mind. Next time you grab your paddle board, think about grabbing your rod and reel as well.

Videos Explaining The Benefits Of Paddle Boarding

Wrap Up

To sum it up, stand-up paddle boarding is all about exploration. Whether you like it in the ocean or in the urban canal, It is a great way to have a “me time” as you bond with nature and while at it experience things in a new way. Not to mention the calmness that comes with the rolling waves and the tug of the wind that ushers you into a state of total focus. There you’ll melt away all your worries and free all your thoughts. What are you waiting for?

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