Aqua Marina Monster Inflatable SUP

The largest and thickest of all our inflatable SUP boards, our Aqua Marina Monster review presents a board which is unrivaled in terms of stability and durability.

It might be big, but its sleek design makes this board an incredibly fast mover. With a high weight limit and a low price that comes in well under $400, this stand-up paddleboard offers versatility like no other.

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Check current price on Amazon

Measuring 12 feet long, the Aqua Marina Monster is one of the biggest inflatable SUPs on the market. At 32 inches wide and six inches deep, it’s larger and thicker than any of the other best all-around inflatable SUP board options that we’re looking at. As well as providing rock-solid strength when fully inflated, it offers a vast expanse so that you can take a friend or the kids – or simply use the space to store lots of kits.

The large size also makes this iSUP fantastic for combining stand-up paddleboarding with yoga. Its non-slip traction pad is far bigger than that on the Sportstuff 1030: it covers over half the deck, allowing you to pull off some challenging positions without losing your footing.

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Its thick design and superior build quality give this board one of the smoothest rides we’ve come across. It glides well through the water – even on choppy water and small waves – so it really can stand up to any use. Its design picks up speed very easily so it even handles well when racing and sprinting.

The only downside to its large size is that the Aqua Marina Monster SUP does take some effort to inflate. It takes less time to inflate to the full 15 PSI than the PathFinder iSUP, but the quality of the pump makes inflating this board much harder work.

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The accessories which come with the Aqua Marina Monster are a bit disappointing when compared with some of the other boards. While the bag is comfortable to carry, it’s more of a pouch style design than a traditional backpack, so the weight isn’t distributed quite as evenly when you carry it for several miles. However, it couldn’t be simpler to store the SUP in the bag as it simply slides in when folded. Furthermore, the suppliers don’t always include a paddle in the package (and when they do it tends to be short), but this is something that you should be looking to replace with a more suitable long-term option anyway.

Who Should Buy?

The sheer size of this stand-up paddleboard provides an excellent, stable platform for beginners, yoga enthusiasts or those who want to SUP with their kids and dogs. However, it also makes a great choice for experienced riders who are looking to build up speed, as with full rails you can even take this board racing.


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The Good

  • Extremely large and thick board offers lots of space and stability (12′ x 32″ x 6″)
  • Picks up speed quickly and handles well for racing
  • Great for Yoga
  • Very large non-slip traction pad covers more than half the board
  • Gives a very smooth ride

The Bad

  • Needs some physical effort to inflate (takes around six minutes)
  • Unusual bag design isn’t as comfortable to carry as traditional backpacks
  • Paddles aren’t always included with every board

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Features & Specs
  • Size: 12′ x 32″ x 6″ (inflated)
  • Weight: 23.4 lbs
  • Maximum air pressure: 15 PSI
  • Maximum rider weight: 265 lbs
  • Material: Extra thick double layer PVC with drop stitch construction
  • Accessories included: Removable fin, bag, pump (paddles not always included)

The Aqua Marina Monster can be found on Amazon

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