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American Heritage Carlyle Foosball Table Review

american heritage carlyle foosball table

The American Heritage Carlyle offers the best of two worlds. A perfect combination of beauty and function. This table is designed beautifully providing the closest a quality foosball table comes to looking great in your living room. With a vibrant, lively mahogany finish, this foosball table is suitable for any room in your home.

Though the table is ideal for recreational play, its design and build are too stunning to keep hidden from your friends and family. The table’s smooth, refined look is intended to add personality and flavor to the room it sits in. However, aside from its appearance, the table also has a sturdy build that stands out to anyone who interacts with it. The manufacturer’s craftsmanship sets it apart from so many of its competitors. The framework of the average foosball table is built using cheap plastic and aluminum. The American Heritage Carlyle Series is not your standard foosball table. Rather, the manufacturer Carlyle uses premium wood in the framework, which keeps the table stable during rigorous play. So the Carlyle is not only built with aesthetics in mind, but also durability and function. And with this level of professional craftsmanship, The American Heritage Carlyle Series is worth every cent.

Players from around the world recognize American Heritage foosball tables for their combination of handsome design, functionality, and affordability. These characteristics make the Carlyle Series one of the best choices for foosball lovers who are just getting started, as well as the ones who want to improve their game. This table is the perfect table for your living room.

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General Breakdown:
  • Gameplay levels: Suitable for Leisure, Recreational and Novice gameplay levels
  • Playing Surface: Classic Parquet Wood Surface; The size of the opening for the field is 26.75 inches wide by 46 inches long
  • Weight: 154 pounds
  • Table Dimensions: 30.5L x 62W x 34.5H inches
  • Foosball Table Style: British Gameplay
  • Features: Manual Scoring system, cup holders with leather inserts, quality construction of players and rods, three-man goalie setup

carlyle table profile

Why you should you buy the American Heritage Carlyle?

If you want a foosball table that enhances the style of your home, the Carlyle Series 39001 is a perfect choice. The dark colors of the wooden finish, the elegant details such as the cup holders with leather inserts, and the maple wood espresso cabinet make it a great addition for every home—and a great way to spend your free time with your friends and family! The counterbalanced players covered with glass on top keeps the game at a fast pace, making it perfect for the ones who are just getting started and the recreational players.

If you are looking for endless hours of fun, you’ll be thankful for the well-built wooden handles. Your hands will not become slippery during play.

A perfect fit for leisure to novice level game-play. The Carlyle foosball table satisfies the needs of players who are looking for a fun time to spend with the family while also looking great in the living room as an attractive piece to accent your living room with your hobbies. A perfect fit for anyone who wants to experience the fun of a foosball game from the comfort of their homes, without driving to the next pub. The Carlyle series not only provide the same experience for recreational and novice players but it does so without making the table look out of place, the elegant design fits perfectly into your home without making your home seem like a games room.

carlyle foosball men

Who should buy?

The Carlyle 39001 is targeted both at recreational and novice players, making it a perfect fit for the late nights with your friends or the first table for your kids.

The sturdy table will handle even fast paced, adrenaline pumping games however if you are an intermediate player or a professional one we would recommend you one of your professional tables.So if you are looking for an amateur to intermediate foosball table that fits into the décor of your home, the Carlyle 39001 not only brings back the charming, nostalgic look of foosball tables of the past, but it also comes with the durability that makes this purchase a bargain.

Why an American Heritage table?

American Heritage has a mixed background. It is an established American company that got its start in the furniture industry. They now apply their same rigorous standards of quality in their foosball tables series. So to summarize, here are the three primary reasons why this American Heritage table is the perfect choice for you:

  • Due to its background, the American Heritage creates foosball tables that offer the trifecta: sturdiness, durability, and stylishness.
  • Professional craftsmanship is on full display with the wooden handles, which are not only a beautiful but also prevent your hands from slipping during rigorous play.
  • American Heritage focuses on both design and functionality. The stylish table is heavy and doesn’t shake or fall apart no matter how intense the game is.

The Good:

  • Affordable entry level table. Fits well for younger, recreational and novice players
  • The handsome-trimmed Espresso cabinet and the old style rugby players make this an elegant looking table
  • Telescopic steel rods with wooden handles that keep your hands from slipping
  • The playing floor is perfectly applied with “wooden” tiles in varying colors, making it feel like your players are on a gym floor
  • Counterweighted players that work well
  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • Easy to assemble

The Bad:

  • Heavy, hard to move around and requires two people for assembly
  • The ball return has a few dead spots
  • Replacement parts are hard to find
  • Warranty for only one year
  • Recommend replacing balls with new ones. Avoid the corked types, and any on the soft side
  • The instructions are pretty much non-existent
  • Need to demand door to door delivery from shipping company since table is hefty

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Features and Specifications:
  • 3-Man Goalie system
  • Regulation size field
  • Includes 4 balls American Gameplay
  • Ball Return: Good
  • Ball Control: Good
  • Dead Zones: Minimal dead zones
  • Arm Rotation: Smooth
  • Drop Ramp: 2
  • Counterweights: Yes
  • Approximate Lifespan: 10 years
  • Made in the US
  • Materials: Marple veneer
  • Rods: Telescopic steel rods with wooden handles

carlyle classic table profile


The American Heritage Carlyle Series is made to provide a fun playing experience bundled in a refined study table. Marketed for recreational players, the suggested skill level would be recreational to a novice. However, if you are an experienced player either intermediate level or professional, we would advise you to take a look at our intermediate and professional foosball tables.

Having an elegant design with a vintage touch, this table is unlike any other. It is intended to blend into your home without standing out as a typical foosball table. And due to its elegance, it can be a beautiful addition to your living room without looking out of the place.

Even though it is perfect as a first table, The American Heritage Carlyle Series 39001 is surely not a low-quality one. The smooth arm rotation and ensures a fast-paced game, and the sturdiness of the table ensures that the ball always moves in the direction that is supposed to. Furthermore, the counter-weighted men and the adjustable legs makes it perfect for practicing your foosball skills in the comfort of your home, allowing you to save money by not using the tables in the pub while giving you the same quality.

This table speaks for itself. The beautiful design is paired with an exceptional game quality at an affordable price. The nights spent spinning away at this table will provide your family with endless hours of fun. Your friends will appreciate it and so will you.

The American Heritage Carlyle Series can be found on Amazon.

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