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There’s a reason you landed up on FringePursuits.com:

We’re OBSESSED with recreational sports, and we’re always trying to improve.

Our goal is simple:

We review and compare the sports gear that will help you be the very best in your chosen field.

  • … The gear that will give you an edge over the competition, and help you blow them out of the water, air, field, or snow at every opportunity.
  • … The gear that will make every experience fun and exciting.
  • … The equipment that offers the greatest value for money so you’ll be getting the best at the right price point.
  • … The gear with the highest safety standards so you and your team are always safe.

We truly believe:

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

~ Albert Einstein

We strive to learn about the products we review as deeply as possible, in order to give you an unbiased, educated opinion that’s a result of hours of research, testing, and experience with the product.

You’re probably wondering if you can trust our reviews:

We know that when you’re reading our product comparisons, this question will inevitably pop up in your mind. “What’s the catch?”, you might wonder. “Are these reviews legit?”.

Well, the gear we’re recommending on Fringe Pursuits is the same gear we use ourselves, and the same gear we suggest to our friends and family when they (quite often!) ask for our advice.

We don’t like pricy gear with features no-one ever actually uses, and we never recommend them.

We absolutely love gear that brings that delicate balance of affordability, excellent functionality, and high quality.

Those are the product’s we’ll recommend every time.

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