Swinging into 2018 — Discover the Best Baseball Bats on the Market

When it comes to baseball bats, the difference between ‘best’ and ‘worst’ can be a game-changer. Literally.

I will walk you through the best baseball bats for your money, and why they are the best.

How do I know these are the best?

I have tried and tested 117 baseball bats and condensed the list to the 4 best baseball bats on the market.

You could go out and make your own list of best baseball bats. Don’t do that though. Just read mine—I’ve put a lot of effort into it!

You can jump to the section that interests you. Use the simple navigation below:

Comparison Table

Here are our top picks for 2018. To avoid difficulty choosing I have tagged each baseball bat by what it accels at. While many of these bats are upwards of $200, I have not included anything that I would consider over-priced. For college and high school players needing a certified bat, this list will have you covered. 3 of the bats listed are BBCOR certified, including my number one pick: the Rawlings Velo Hybrid

  NameDrop WeightOverall Rating 
Rawlings Velo Hybrid (BBCOR)-35.0/5Check Price

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Easton BB17MK Beast (BBCOR)-34.8/5Check Price

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Marucci Cat7 Review (BBCOR)-34.5/5Check Price

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Easton SL17MK10B Big Barrel-104.0/5Check Price

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Lets get motivated with this video. Notice the Ping when the ball is hit, nothing better!



Rawlings Velo Hybrid Balanced Review( BBCOR)

An incredibly well-balanced bat with a drop 3 weighting.

With its single piece hybrid design, the Rawlings Velo is able to maintain its BBCOR certification without sacrificing anything for balance. An all-around quality bat for serious players.

Who Should Buy?

Brandishing the BBCOR .50 stamp, the Rawlings Velo is a prime, ready out-the-wrapper choice for athletes competing in high school and NCAA competitions.

Click here for the Rawling Velo Hybrid

Our rating: 5.0 /5

The Rawlings Velo is back, with an emphasis on balance. And Rawlings have outdone themselves on this account. This is a hybrid bat, but not in the usual sense. The classic alloy barrel with a composite handle combo is not followed, here. Instead, we find a single piece of alloy with a composite end-cap for achieving better balance.

Another great thing about the alloy barrel is that it gives the traditional ‘ping’ sound on well struck balls. The Rawlings Velo has even made efforts to amplify this effect, with what they call the pOp 2.0. If you were to dissect the bat, you would find a small groove lining the inside of the barrel. While this might negatively affect the bat’s durability, I have found almost zero complaints on this point. Besides, the alloy material used for this barrel is of a sturdy make and is generally very durable.

With a drop 3 weight, the Rawlings Velo is approved for high school and NCAA competition. This makes it one of the best baseball bats in the world for up-and-coming, serious athletes.

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The Good

  • BBCOR Certified
  • Perfectly balanced throughout
  • pOp 2.0 technology
  • Traditional ‘ping’ sound
  • Great for contact hitters

  • The Bad

    • Slight sting effect

    Check out the Rawling Velo Hybrid baseball bat


    Easton BB17MK Beast Review (BBCOR)

    Easton has lived up to its name on this one. The Easton BB17MK Beast is the new BBCOR approved model for big hitters.

    Meeting the 2 5/8” barrel width and drop 3 weight requirements, this fast-swinging, long-barreled Beat model is a fine choice for serious players looking to meet BBCOR requirements.

    Who Should Buy?

    The Easton BB17MK is a Mako Beast model for high school and NCAA athletes. A fantastic popping bat with unrivalled swing speed.

    Click here for the Easton Mako Beast

    Our rating: 4.8 /5

    Finally, we get to the Mako Beast that can be unleashed on high school and NCAA fields: the BBCOR certified, Easton BB17MK model. Made with its Thermo Composite Technology barrel, this Beast has the longest barrel yet. A good 1.5” longer than previous Mako Beast models, while still maintaining that ever-important drop 3 weighting.

    In accordance with BBCOR requirements, the barrel width is 2 5/8”–making it slightly thinner than other big barrel bats out there. However, with the added length and thinner barrel, this beast has one of the fastest swing speeds on the market. And with its –3 length to weight ratio, this fast bat speed will be backed by the full force of a well-weighted TCT barrel.

    Easton’s two-piece Connexion technology also features in the Easton BB17MK. This design works to increase the energy transferred from handle to barrel, so that you don’t lose the feeling of a traditional one-piece bat. Or any extra yards on your swing. Truly one of the best baseball bats ever made from the Easton Mako line.

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    The Good

    • BBCOR Approved
    • Extended barrel length
    • Hyperskin grip
    • Two piece Connexion technology
    • TCT barrel
    • Very fast bat speed

    • The Bad

      • Not exactly cheap
      • Thinner barrel than other beast models (to meet BBCOR requirement)

      Check out the Easton-Beast Mako baseball bat


      Marucci Cat7 Review (BBCOR)

      The Marucci Cat7 is an astonishing upgrade from the Cat6.

      With its improved AZ4X alloy for a sweet spot twice that of the previous generation, the Cat7 is almost a new bat altogether. Add to that the 2nd generation Anti-vibration knob feature and you have yourself a well-balanced, great popping bat for contact hitters.

      Who Should Buy?

      Contact hitters playing in NCAA and high school competitions will love the Marucci Cat7. A single piece of well-weighted alloy with a massive sweet spot.

      Click here for the Marucci Cat7

      Our rating: 4.5 /5

      The Marucci Cat7 seems to have taken what was already a good bat in the Cat6 and fine-tuned it. The result is impressive. As with the Cat6 model, Marucci have stuck with the single-piece alloy design, for a traditional balanced feel. The Cat7 has upgraded to the new AZ4X alloy, though, and this has done wonders for the barrel. It claims to double the bat’s sweet spot, and while I’m not sure how accurate this testimony is, I can certainly say that it doesn’t feel like there are any dead spots on this impressive barrel.

      Another great added feature is the Av2, 2nd generation, knob. A harmonic dampening technology designed to reduce the bat’s sting effect. Also, with the added 2oz of weight beneath your hands, this means that the length from handle to barrel feels lighter. It allows for impressive swing speeds and an overall balanced feeling to the bat.

      Lastly, the bat is BBCOR certified. And while this bat also has a great pop to it, the Marucci Cat7 is not exactly limited to big hitters. Contact hitters will also appreciate the weight-distribution, and traditional one-piece stiffness.

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      The Good

      • BBCOR Certified
      • Av2 Anti-vibration knob feature
      • AZ4X Tapered Alloy barrel – extending barrel sweet spot
      • Fast swing speed
      • Traditional one-piece stiff feeling
      • Well-balanced

      • The Bad

        • Expensive bat
        • White design shows dirt

        Check out the Marucci Cat7 baseball bat


        Easton SL17MK10B Mako Beast Senior Big Barrel Review

        The Easton Mako Beast is another great example of Thermo Composite Technology (TCT) at its finest.

        With its huge 2 ¾” barrel and –10 drop weight, the swing speed for this composite two piece is very impressive. Since it is a lighter bat, not every swing will clear the outfield. But when you do connect with the Beast, you’ll certainly know about it.

        Who Should Buy?

        Senior league players looking for a well-priced bat with a big barrel. The Easton SL17MK10B is not, however, BBCOR certified and thus cannot appear on high school or NCAA playing fields.

        Click here for the Easton Mako Beast Big Barrel

        Our rating: 4.0 /5

        The Easton Mako Beast is another great product from the Mako line. It’s a beefy upgraded bat that is perfect for big hitters in leagues that do allow a 2 ¾” barrel size. With a drop 10 weight and a meaty barrel, when the Mako Beast connects, it really connects.

        This baseball bat also furnishes Thermo Composite Technology—the most effective barrel technology for increasing swing speed while maintaining significant girth. With its larger and cleaner sweet spot, the Mako Beast is really made for big hitters who like clearing the outfielders. You will still get significant distance if you strike at the end of your barrel, but since it is a drop 10 weight, there is not the heavy barrel behind it to really send a ball that isn’t perfectly struck.

        Another feature of the Mako Beast is its composite handle. Made with Easton Conation technology, the two piece composite design reduces vibration and takes away much of the sting effect felt in your hands.

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        The Good

        • Huge barrel
        • Great sweet spot
        • Fast swing speed
        • Very reasonably priced
        • Composite handle

        • The Bad

          • Not BBCOR certified
          • Poorly struck balls will not travel.

          Check out the Easton Mako Big Barrel baseball bat

          Happy Batting!


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